Hyde Park Heritage Tee - Monochrome Bone

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Building heritage.


The Bones Micro Capsule signifies the history and trajectory of Hyde Park. Via a process called ossification, bones are formed, and are the backbone of several mechanical and chemical functions, including framing, protecting other organs, storage of minerals and growth factors, and detoxification and balance of pH for blood. Due to their unique composition, approximately 30% of which is a flexible matrix and 70% bound minerals woven together and continuously remodeled, bones are both durable and lightweight.

Bones are essentially a dynamic record of a person's life choices in motion, environment, and nourishment, altering in shape and biological make-up to adjust to these inputs. Unlike the commonly pictured white color, bones can be tinted brown, yellow, red, or even green, depending on composition while alive and environmental factors after death. Peculiarly, bones can survive multiple harsh environments, including burning. For example, modern cremation temperatures can go beyond 1,000°C and still leave the skeleton quite intact, forcing bones to be put into a secondary machine called a cremulator, which grinds bone to a fine powder. 

This micro-capsule forms the required structure and shape for future drops, and protects our inherent maker spirit, while dutifully documenting the brand's sources of inspiration, surroundings and circumstances, and efforts to continuously redefine streetwear. 

Bon(e) Appétit!

Detailed Features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Bone color
  • Boxy, oversized fit
  • Professional dry cleaning or hand-washing recommended
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry

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